The NRCO is created by R. A. 10022 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations that acts as the National Program Manager of the National Reintegration Program; provides research and development services, policies, strategic directions, coordinative supervision, and program monitoring and evaluation services; and designs programs, projects, special events and activities, and pilot-tests initiatives prior to regular implementation by implementers.  


It is a package of Services & Mechanisms implemented by government and its socials partners to facilitate the productive return of Filipino workers upon completion of overseas employment.


Name of the Program

Program Description

Client Coverage

Livelihood Development Assistance Program (LDAP)

A Php10K livelihood financial assistance to distressed OFW returnees in the creation of their micro/backyard business

Caters to ALL undocumented  including distressed workers returnees who are  non-Migrant Workers’ and Overseas Filipinos Resource Centers (MWRC)-based

Balik-Pinay! Balik-Hanapbuhay!

to enable Women OFW Returnees to start and operate livelihood undertaking for self-employment.; intended to bring about improved socio-economic well-being of Returning Women OFWs.

Caters to distressed  women workers returnees who are Migrant Workers’ and Overseas Filipinos Resource Centers (MWRC)-based; Returning women OFWs; those displaced by the hostilities and conflicts in the Arab countries other     distressed and displaced women household service   workers (HSWs) are priorities


Q: What is the Livelihood Development Assistance Program?

A: It is a program which aims to provide OFW returnees with starter kits worth P10,000 to be used to establish a livelihood business .

Q: Who can avail of the program?

A: Male or female irregular/undocumented OFW returnees

Q: Who are the irregular/undocumented OFWs?

A: Irregular/undocumented OFWs are those who acquired their passports through fraud or misrepresentation or possessed expired visas or permit to stay or have no travel document or have valid but inappropriate visas or those whose employment contracts were not processed by the POEA or subsequently verified and registered on-site by the POLO, if required by law or regulation

Q: How to apply for the program?

A: Visit any DOLE or OWWA Regional Office and look for the Reintegration Center.

Q: What is the process for application for the program?

A: Upon application, OFW will be scheduled to attend a Small Business Management Training and a Financial Awareness Seminar where they will be trained on how to manage a business and how to write a business proposal. After which, OFWs need to complete the requirements which will be forwarded to NRCO Central Office.

Q: What are the documentary requirements to be submitted by an OFW?

A: Application form, business proposal, photocopy of passport including OFW’s personal information page and date of last arrival, photocopy of visa or travel document, proof of employment (contract, ID, payslips, etc.), certificate of participation to the training/s

Q: What types of businesses may be applied?

A: An OFW may apply for any type of business depending on their proposal.

Q: Is there a required equity prior to the receipt of the starter kit?

A: Yes, there is a required 20% equity of the actual project cost or at least P2,500.

Q: Does the equity only pertain to cash?

A: No. The equity can also be in the form of land or any existing equipment or materials which may be used for the business. 


Q: What is Balik Pinay! Balik Hanapbuhay! Program?

A: It is a program which aims to provide OFW returnees with the necessary skills training that will prepare the beneficiary to establish a business.

Q: Who can avail of the program?

A: Distressed female OFW returnees

Q: Who are the distressed female OFWs?

A: Female OFWs who were affected by a socio-political problem from their host country or those who were victims of illegal recruitment or any fraudulent employer/agency or those who have unfinished contracts or those who escaped from their employers for reasons which violate their rights

Q: How to apply for the program?

A: Two ways: first, visit any DOLE or OWWA Regional Office and look for the reintegration center; second, for those who are still in their host country, visit their respective Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)

Q: What is the process for the application for the program?

A: After expressing intent to apply for the program, applicant will be scheduled on their selected livelihood skills training. After the training, the starter kit will be provided for those who completed the requirements.

Q: What type of skills training and business are available?

A: Depending on the availability of resources, each regional office or POLO has a list of trainings.


Q: Can more than one OFW returnee within one household apply for the program?

A: No. Only one member of the household may apply for the program.

Q: Can a beneficiary of LDAP/BPBH in the past avail again?

A: No. A beneficiary can only avail of the program only once.

Q: Can a beneficiary of LDAP apply for BPBH at the same time or vice versa?

A: No. A beneficiary of LDAP cannot apply to BPBH anymore or vice versa.

Q: Is there a limit regarding the number of years when the OFW has returned to the Philippines?

A: For LDAP, none, but priority is given to OFWs who have returned to the Philippines within the last three years from date of application. For BPBH, there is no requirement regarding the number of years from the date of arrival to the date of application.

Business Plan Competition FAQs

A.      Business Plan Oral Presentation:

1.       It was said that in case the competitor is still on duty, a family representative can represent him/her in all the requirements of the contest. Can that family representative bring at least one companion for the presentation as part of the team, just in presenting?

Yes. The representative may bring with him/her at least one (1) companion for the presentation. However, the main representative of the seafarer must be the one who will defend the business plan.

B.      Workshop/Seminars:

1.       Are seminar-days will be held during weekdays or weekends?

2.       If incase the family representative will not be available to attend seminars due to classes/work, can at least a member of the team attend? If not, is the team subject for disqualification?

The coaching round will be held during weekdays and/or weekends. Should the participant be qualified to proceed with this round, he/she would be notified on the exact dates of the seminar. 

If you are going to join by a group of three (3) for an instance, at least 2 of you must attend the coaching round. We strongly encourage that all participants must attend this round.

C.      Family and Non-Family Representatives:

1.       For authorization, is a letter needed?

       It is definitely needed, Ma'am. Please be guided that this competition is open for returning seafarers and seafarer returnees. Seafarers who wish to join the competition but are unable to attend presentation and coordination activities related to the Competition including attendance to screening, mentoring/coaching activities, must have at least one (1) official representative, preferably an immediate family member  who will handle the tasks and activities.

             For this, we require ALL representatives to acquire an authorization coming from the seafarer himself who wishes to join this competition. Please take note that the seafarer himself must be the one who will signify interest to join the competition. You may send the authorization letter to: The Business Plan Secretariat, National Reintegration Center for OFWs, Ground Floor, Solana corner Victoria Streets, Intramuros Manila, together with your entry form and business plan proposal on or before 30 August 2015. 

2.       If in case the family member will not be available, can an authorized non-family member represent the seafarer contestant?

          Our Competition Guidelines states that at least an officially authorized immediate family member would be his/her official representative. 

D.      Written Business Plan

1.        Is there any required format on what font type, size, spacing, or other formats to be use?

          There is no required format, however, there are essential elements for this:

    D.1. Required Elements of Business Plan

The business plans to be submitted for this Competition can follow any model but must contain the following: 

  • Cover page (with name and contact details of Competition participant/s)
  • A one-page Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Target Market and Competition Analysis
  • Financial Projections (including break-even analysis)
  • Exit Plan